The Leadership Riptide and How to Escape

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Book Contents

Part 1: Defining FutureCo 

Chapter One: Replacing One Four-Letter Word With Another
Chapter Two: Trust Is A Must!
Chapter Three: What’s Love Got To Do With It?
Chapter Four: Strength To Strengths
Chapter Five: The Power Of Progress
Chapter Six: Time To Lead

Part 2: Creating FutureCo

Practice 1: Know Yourself
Practice 2: Know Your Audience
Practice 3: Find The Story In Your Message

Part 3: Escaping the Riptide. The Harmony Way

1.    The Ides Of March
2.    Listening Sessions, Cartoons And A Song
3.    The Birth Of The Red Arrow And Brand Print
4.    Enter Larry King – The Harmony Version, That Is!
5.    An Internal Marketing Approach
6.    The Harmony Visual Strategy Map
7.    Bringing The News – In Person
8.    Leadership Conferences: Singing, Storytelling And A Bit Of Tequila!
9.    The Bid That Rocked A Nation

What They Say

sipho nkosi“ riveting! The awesome lady can write! What took her so long? We would as a country have been long out of this mess. I am convinced that had I read this book twenty years ago I would have been a better manager. If every child at school were to read this book it could become one of the building blocks that would make South Africa great! I have been truly touched...I am revived!”

mark schenk
One of my favourite sayings is 'managers read and write; leaders talk and listen'. This book is focused squarely on leadership.

In early 2016, I sat across the breakfast table from Tracey in the Swanepoel family home. I'd just spent 3 enjoyable days launching our business storytelling program in South Africa, kicking the football with her son Zack, eating and drinking very well and meeting some very interesting people. Over breakfast, Tracey spoke about her book which was in the very final stages of editing.

“Anybody who is in a lebrand pretoriusadership position will agree that the challenge of ensuring a high level of employee engagement is indeed a formidable one. This is particularly true in South Africa due to the consequences of our political history and cultural diversity. Against this backdrop Tracey Swanepoel’s book can only be welcomed as it provides fresh and valuable perspectives on and insights into the art and science of effective leadership. In an entertaining and practical way she outlines the path to be followed to ensure that team members volunteer their intelligence, energy, engagement and commitment. I found reading the book an inspirational and rewarding experience, and recommend it with confidence and enthusiasm.”

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