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The Leadership Riptide and How to Escape

  • The Leadership Riptide and How to Escape

    The new book by Tracey Swanepoel—Founder of THINKspiration.

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    What they say

    "Breaking new ground in the critical area of staff engagement, sharing practical examples of how supposedly unteachable people have absorbed seemingly complex concepts, ..."
    Alec Hogg - BizNews

    “... Tracey Swanepoel’s book can only be welcomed as it provides fresh and valuable perspectives on and insights into the art and science of effective leadership. In an entertaining and practical way...”
    Brand Pretorius, retired chief executive of McCarthy Limited

    “Darn...so riveting! ... I am convinced that had I read this book twenty years ago I would have been a better manager...”
    Sipho Nkosi, retired CEO of Exxaro Resources

The Big Small Business Show

Tracey talks about leadership on Business Day TV

Click to watch:

Episode 1 (9:48 min)

In this episode we discuss how, as a leader, you can effectivley engage with your staff.


Episode 2 (9:49 min)

In this episode we discuss the effect of the "over managed, under-led" phenomenon, its detrimental effect on engagement and the discrepancy between what science knows/shows and what business does.

  • About Us
    About Us

    We have a deep understanding of strategy and leadership and have successfully helped companies translate strategy from the boardroom to the rock face/shop floor.

    How do we do it?

Strategy Implementation

  • The Challenges Businesses Face

    In our experience as executives in the corporate world, we have found that time (and money) has been disproportionately spent on strategy formulation at the expense of effective strategy implementation ...

  • Why Stories Work
    Why Stories Work

    Stories shape our view of the world. They are the vessels through which we learn about abstract concepts. They are the catalysts for imagination and innovative thinking: they simplify reality and create mental pictures which give us ideas about what to do “here and now” so we can one day get “there.”

  • Case Studies

    The challenge

    A new CEO and a new and young management team needed to define their purpose, clarify their strategic positioning and invigorate their employees and the business.

    How we solved it

  • Our Team
    Tracey Swanepoel

    My Story:

    At the age of 10 my big dream was to win Wimbledon. I never did (or you would have heard!). But I did spend the next 10 years of my life chasing a little green ball around the tennis court ...

  • ThinkPieces
    15 Oct, 14

    There’s an old Tracy Chapman song that goes: “Don’t you know, we’re talking ‘bout a revolution, and it sounds like a WHISPER!”

    That was the song worm spooling through my head at the Joburg Indaba last week. The industry’s heavy hitters focused on blunt, but constructive conversations. All around the quest ...

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