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We focus on developing leaders and  getting strategy understood by equipping leaders with...


A Tool

A unique and customised tool, which takes the form of a Visual Strategy Map portraying a compelling visual story that all employees know, understand and want to deliver.


A Plan

A Leadership Practice Programme, based on Tracey Swanepoel's book The Leadership Riptide and How to Escape. The 2 day workshop and 6 month follow-up programme is designed using the latest thinking about how to engage, motivate and inspire employees, culminating in a personalised Leadership Game Plan.


A Skill

The globally recognised Storytelling for Leaders Programme makes business storytelling, practical and transferable - exponentially increasing leaders' ability to make their message stick and expand their influence.

Exclusively delivered by THINKspiration as Anecdote's only African Partner.

...which results in improved engagement, motivation and performance.

The Leadership Riptide and How to Escape

The new book by Tracey Swanepoel
Chosen by The South African Board for People Practices (SABPP) as one of their top 5 leadership books (2017)

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