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Storytelling for Leaders (1 day workshop, 6 month deliberate practice programme)

We train and equip leaders at senior levels to become more effective oral communicators through our Storytelling For Leaders 6-month training programme.

This is a licensed programme which we deliver as the only African partner within the Anecdote network (Anecdote is the global leader in business storytelling.

This programme consists of a 2-day workshop and 6-month deliberate practice programme and trains leaders at all levels to become more effective communicators, by using the power of business stories. In this way leaders:

  • Are equipped with the skill to become an essential vehicle for cultural change,
  • Learn how to get their messages to “stick”
  • Are able to optimise the Visual Strategy Map and have relevant conversations about the strategy and how to deliver it with their teams on an ongoing basis.


The Storytelling For Leaders workshops are business focused, practical and designed to provide skills that can be applied immediately. You won’t learn about myths, legends or the hero’s journey. There is nothing fictional about what we do. We leave that to Hollywood and focus on real-life examples.
The workshops are interactive as we strongly believe in the power of practical activities to foster learning. Throughout the day, participants will engage in hands-on activities designed to build their skills and knowledge.

Stories have an incredible natural power. The workshop will teach you how to tap into that power in six ways:

  • Communication – how to get your message to stick
  • Overcoming entrenched views – how to change behaviour using Influence stories
  • Building rapport through Connection Stories
  • Insight and empowerment – how to understand what’s really going on – story-listening and sensemaking
  • How to connect people with the big picture – Clarity Stories and how to engage customers in co-creating them
  • Communicating business value using Success Stories

Course at a glance


Before attending the workshop, participants complete a short piece of pre-work.  The results of the pre-work are integrated with the program materials.  The good news is that the pre-work will take no longer than 10-12 minutes.

Part 1: Foundations

  • Introduction and why stories matter in business
  • How business storytelling is different from Hollywood
  • Showing how everyone is a storyteller (even if you are a numbers guy, an engineer, a technical expert or the CFO)

Part 2:  building rapport and connection

  • Why character trumps credentials
  • Connection Story pattern – using stories to introduce yourself, build rapport and show your character

Part 3:  Building your story repertoire

  • The key skill of spotting stories
  • Building the story collection habit

Part 4:  Providing inspiration and meaning

  • The importance of communicating the big picture
  • Clarity Stories
  • Strategy Stories

Part 5: Overcoming entrenched views

  • Why it’s hard to change minds
  • Tackling anti-stories using the Influence Story pattern

Part 6: Communicating business value

  • The downside of case studies
  • Using the Success Story pattern

Part 7: Finding out what’s really going on

  • Story work is more than storytelling
  • Story-listening – how to get other people to share their stories

Part 8:  Bringing it all together

  • Participants will be practicing throughout the day, and this last section gets them to identify and tackle real life scenarios using the appropriate story patterns and then, in groups, presenting their approach to the whole workshop.
  • Establishing the Deliberate Practice Program (which runs for 6 months and includes online support)
  • Introducing the opportunity for a face to face refresh session at 3 months.

About Anecdote

Anecdote is recognised as a world leader in the use of storytelling in business. They have helped some of the world’s top companies such as IBM, Shell, BHP Billiton and KPMG develop their storytelling and leadership capability and inspired their people to take action and embed lasting change. With Partners in 15 countries around the world, Anecdote delivers projects for clients right across the globe. THINKspiration are the only accredited and licensed Anecdote partners in Africa.

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What They Say

This programme takes a leadership skill (storytelling) and breaks it down into logical, user friendly steps. Really powerful!” 

Practical and interactive. Loved the connection with the facilitators – really effective ‘tricks’ and tools.”

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