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Leadership Practice Programme
(2 day workshop and 6 month follow-up programme)

This course is based on Tracey Swanepoel’s book The Leadership Riptide and How to Escape, which has been chosen by the South African Board of People Practitioners as one of their top 5 leadership books and aims to assist executives seeking to change their leadership styles and increase employee engagement in their organisations.

Leadership is first and foremost about relationships. A leader’s job is to influence and in order to influence you have to connect. A great performance management system or fantastic incentive bonus will not result in sustained behaviour change – only an authentic connection with employees will accomplish that.
Conscious and deliberate leadership is rare in companies. The command/control leadership paradigm still haunts us. The disconnect between what science shows us and what businesses do is clear. Employees remain over-managed and under-led, which results in them feeling disengaged and withholding their discretionary effort.

The Escaping the Leadership Riptide course is designed to get participants to explore the six characteristics that research shows companies need more of, but are most often ignored - namely practice, progress, strengths, love, trust and play. Participants are also introduced to practices and tools that help them to:

  • know themselves better,
  • know their audiences and
  • find the story in the messages they want to communicate so that they can better connect with their employees.
  • The course is interactive and practical and participants can immediately start implementing what they’ve learned back in the workplace environment.
  • For 6 months after the course, we provide the participants with 3 one-hour follow-up sessions (at 2, 4, and 6-months) to ensure the smooth implementation of their Individual Leadership Game Plan.

Course at a glance

Day One

Part One: Foundations and scene setting

  • The Current leadership paradigm – challenges and opportunities
  • The purpose of leadership
  • The need to lead differently: What kind of environment should leaders create?
  • The “Big Picture” - course overview
  • Leadership as a practice
  • Getting practical: Introducing the Individual Leadership “Game Plan” framework
  • Getting practical: Introducing the Riptide Leadership Toolbox

Part Two: Knowing YOURSELF

  • Why authenticity and vulnerability are essential for leadership
  • Making time for reflection
  • Changing your internal conversation
  • Getting practical: Understanding and applying practical Leadership Tools focused on self-awareness

Part Three: Knowing your AUDIENCE

  • Why listening is the key to employee engagement
  • How to change people’s minds and overcome entrenched views
  • Getting practical: Understanding and applying practical Leadership Tools to connect with your audiences

Part Four: Finding the STORY in your message

  • Why stories make your message stick
  • What makes a good story?
  • An introduction on how to craft personal stories and strategy stories
  • Getting practical: Understanding and applying practical Leadership Tools for storytelling in business

Part Five: Creating an environment of PLAY

  • Why a possibility mindset is crucial to innovation
  • Play as the secret ingredient of engagement
  • Getting practical: Understanding and applying practical Leadership Tools to create an environment of PLAY

Part Six: Creating an environment of TRUST

  • The benefit of extending trust in a low trust world (and why high trust companies outperform low trust companies)
  • It’s a leader’s job to send trust signals - how to send the correct ones
  • Getting practical: Understanding and applying practical Leadership Tools to create an environment of TRUST

Day Two

Part Seven: LOVE - Creating an environment of PASSION and PURPOSE

  • How to motivate people by applying the principles of Mastery, Autonomy and Purpose
  • Discovering and articulating your Leadership Dream (painting a clear picture of the future we should create)
  • Getting practical: Understanding and applying practical Leadership Tools to create an environment of PASSION AND PURPOSE

Part Eight: Creating an environment where STRENGTHS are a focus

  • The myth of the “Perfect 10” employee 
  • Why your area of greatest strength is your area of greatest development
  • How what you focus on, grows
  • Strengths benefits: for individuals and for teams
  • Getting practical: Understanding and applying practical Leadership Tools to create an environment where STRENGTHS are a focus

Part Nine: Creating an environment which focuses on PROGRESS

  • How does one lead and make progress in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world?
  • Why progress is the biggest motivator
  • Getting practical: Understanding and applying practical Leadership Tools to create an environment which focuses on PROGRESS 

Part Ten: Making TIME to Lead – Creating a leadership routine that works for you!

  • The contrast between what we spend time on and our deliverables
  • If it’s not in your diary, it’s not going to happen: making your diary your friend
  • Managing time and managing energy
  • Getting practical: Understanding the elements that comprise the Individual Leadership “Game Plan” Framework

Part Eleven: Bringing it all together

  • Designing your Individual Leadership “Game Plan"
  • Additional resources 
  • Help and troubleshooting

Follow up, Feedback and Measurement

  • The programme includes 3 face-to-face follow-up breakfasts at 2-month intervals – they take place at 2, 4, and 6 months

In action

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What They Say

Inspiring, ‘thinkspirational’ and exhilarating.

The workshop on “Escaping the leadership riptide” was a complete mind shift for me! The energy that Tracey and Lisa brought was not only inspiring but incredibly valuable for me as a “young” lady still finding her feet and learning about herself as a leader. Thank you for the opportunity to better myself and also create leaders as I go!

You both are very inspiring and professional, I think you really do what your passion is, and it shows!
Thanks for the “safe” space and positivity that you created for the two days.
The positively framed question (positive thought) to start your day, handling conflict situations by changing the conflict and putting somebody in your shoes, the idea of having a think partner, are all very valuable tools I have learnt and I’ll try to put it into practise.

Was great to connect with dynamic women, share ideas and also to get to know you a little better.

...it was a great experience!

A complete mindset shift. I would like more of our people to attend this!

Super Practical– I have already started using the tools – to great effect!

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