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Episode 1 (9:48 min)

In this episode we discuss how, as a leader, you can effectivley engage with your staff.


Episode 2 (9:49 min)

In this episode we discuss the effect of the "over managed, under-led" phenomenon, its detrimental effect on engagement and the discrepancy between what science knows/shows and what business does.

How do we measure up?

02 June 2010
Written by Tracey Swanepoel

Does measurement madness really add value?

JOHANNESBURG - Are you more than the value of your share price portfolio?

Your company's profitability? Your bonus? Your performance appraisal score? Your weight? Your jogging or cycling time/distance? The reps you do at the gym? Your IQ, bank account or property value? As a nation, are we more than our GDP? Our inflation targets? Interest rates? Currency strength? The list is endless. We seem to spend our lives chasing numbers. In fact an alien from another planet could be forgiven for assuming that the whole purpose of our existence is to answer the question - how are we measuring up?

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