Is trust really a must? What’s all the fuss about? Why is the notion of trust so integral to the THINKspiration approach?

Who do you really trust? Why? And who trusts you? How have you earned this trust? Have you ever trusted someone, and later regretted it? No doubt like me you have experienced the exhilaration of being trusted. It’s the ultimate currency or commodity of progress - at home and at work. As a parent, few things compare with the thrill and privilege (and responsibility!) of maintaining the trust of my children. I will always go the distance to maintain it. Conversely, with my background in counselling, I have regularly experienced the angst of watching two sincere, wonderful people miss each other completely due to the spectre of mistrust. It’s tangible. And costly. It drains the life from conversations and clouds even the most carefully chosen words with suspicion.

Time / Practice

We are busy teaching my 17-year-old son to drive. He is still at that stage where it feels like there are too many things to master at the same time: pedals, steering, gear changes, turning corners - and of course those dreaded handbrake pull-offs - on a slope nogal. He wishes he could flick a switch – and have all these skills become second nature or ‘unconscious competence’ – available on demand. Sadly, life doesn’t work that way. Competence requires practice, and practice takes time. The good thing is that pretty much all of us can learn to drive if we work at it. And it’s the same with leadership!


One of our mantras at THINKspiration is “Less focus on weaknesses, more focus on strengths.” You are probably thinking “How can I not focus on my weaknesses? I can’t afford to ignore them!” I am so glad you asked that question! :) I have discovered personally and in teams that when we focus on strengths, magic happens. Problems are solved, goals are met, and dreams are surpassed. People are fulfilled and genuinely engaged in what they do. How is that for win-win?


Numbers are all around us – and they aren’t going away any time soon. Whether it’s my turnover, my personal bank balance, the level of engagement on my social media or my weekly vitality points – numbers seem to represent my value - my place in this world. If I’m not careful, those numbers start to dictate the emotional tone of my life.

One of our work mottos at THINKspiration is “less numbers, more progress.” I’m going to attempt to unpack it a bit below …


Why do we at THINKspiration encourage the creation of an atmosphere of PLAY in the workplace?

If the thought of this conjures up images of jungle gyms, cupcakes and mindless hilarity – you aren’t quite on the right track :) (although Google have no problem with brightly coloured slides between floors at their headquarters!). ‘Play’ speaks of fun and laughter, but also of spontaneity and creativity. Play melts away stress and insecurity and births possibility thinking and optimism. The natural result is social connection, collaboration, engagement and innovation. What’s not to love?


“Love? In a corporate? What do you think this is – Valentine’s Day?”

In the THINKspiration lexicon, the word ‘love’ as it applies to work is less about cupid, and more about passion and motivation. It looks less like twee and more like energetic productivity. It’s an attempt to capture the excitement, the delight that becomes accessible when we adore what we do. Work can be about far more than simply ‘earning a living’; it can be a space of high motivation, of engagement, of knowing that our contribution counts.

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