The Leadership Riptide and How to Escape

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Book Contents

Part 1: Defining FutureCo 

Chapter One: Replacing One Four-Letter Word With Another
Chapter Two: Trust Is A Must!
Chapter Three: What’s Love Got To Do With It?
Chapter Four: Strength To Strengths
Chapter Five: The Power Of Progress
Chapter Six: Time To Lead

Part 2: Creating FutureCo

Practice 1: Know Yourself
Practice 2: Know Your Audience
Practice 3: Find The Story In Your Message

Part 3: Escaping the Riptide. The Harmony Way

1.    The Ides Of March
2.    Listening Sessions, Cartoons And A Song
3.    The Birth Of The Red Arrow And Brand Print
4.    Enter Larry King – The Harmony Version, That Is!
5.    An Internal Marketing Approach
6.    The Harmony Visual Strategy Map
7.    Bringing The News – In Person
8.    Leadership Conferences: Singing, Storytelling And A Bit Of Tequila!
9.    The Bid That Rocked A Nation

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