Leadership change expert offers leadership course for women

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Leadership change expert Tracey Swanepoel is delighted to announce that she will be hosting a two-day leadership workshop for women, to be held at the Johannesburg Country Club on 19-20 March 2018.

The workshop, Escaping the Leadership Riptide Leadership Practice Programme for Women is based on her ideas-rich book Escaping the Leadership Riptide, which has been lauded in the corporate world as the book to read for leaders who want to effect real and sustainable change in their organisations.

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The course, which includes follow-up sessions at two, four and six months, is perfect for women seeking to work on their leadership skills in a safe and supportive environment. Participants will gain fresh perspectives and innovative ideas on leadership and have the opportunity at the workshop to put their new learning into practice.

The workshop is ideal for those leading small teams as well as those who are leaders of leaders. Participants will discover how to hone and develop their influencing skills to engage, motivate and inspire those they lead. It will help women leaders up their game by learning to create an environment of play, trust and passion while leveraging the strengths of their teams. They will also gain skills in the critical areas of leadership practice such as storytelling, generative listening and time management, and will walk away with their own customised Leadership Game Plan.

Though her company THINKspiration, Swanepoel teaches leaders how to lead with the purpose of influencing, engaging and motivating employees.
“Good leaders are able to paint such a compelling picture of the future that their followers feel it is attainable. Our participants will learn how to do that, while gaining other key leadership skills such as the ability to really listen, being comfortable their own skins, and using stories that get their message across in a compelling and unforgettable way.”

Swanepoel is passionate about bringing humanity to the workplace. “It’s often a soulless environment and I love it when I see the transformation in people as they find their purpose and passion. I live for the moment when I see the participants in my workshops suddenly see the big picture and realise they can make a difference, not only in their workplace but in society and in their communities as well. That brings me absolute joy.”

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