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The challenge

Deloitte Consulting needed to create buy-in and ownership of their strategy at senior management level.

How we solved it

Through a combination of listening to employees in order to understand their perspectives and simplifying key elements of Deloitte’s strategy into visual stories, we created a shared meaning and brought the strategy to life for the leadership team.


“Coming up with the strategy and plans is easy, implementation is difficult but unless you live it, it is sure to fail. The “live” part is what THINKspiration does best!”

Louis Geeringh, CEO Deloitte Consulting

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The challenge

Cell C needed to bring a fresh, creative approach to engaging their employees and getting them to understand, emotionally connect with and WANT to deliver their strategy.

The solution

THINKspiration created a simple framework and fresh, innovative tools for leadership to engage with their employees in a creative and memorable way.  This ensured that each person in the business understood the overall strategy and their role in making it a success.

Cell C

“THINKspiration utilised innovative tools which were simple, well designed and easy to use for the busy executive. The result, as well as aligned workforce was a major improvement in leadership capability to enagage with and motivate employees”.


Zeona Jacobs, Corporate Relations Executive, Cell C.

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The challenge

A new CEO and a new and young management team needed to define their purpose, clarify their strategic positioning and invigorate their employees and the business.

How we solved it

Through open, honest strategic conversations, and creative and visual tools, the leadership team were able to think differently about their business and conceptualise it into a memorable and engaging visual story which was easily understood by all their employees and stakeholders.

map careways

“SuperCarewaysMan” the key character in our visual story has become central to our way of doing business. All our employees know our strategy, get our strategy and want to deliver it. This has turned our business around”.


Agnes Hove, CEO , Careways.

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