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Episode 1 (9:48 min)

In this episode we discuss how, as a leader, you can effectivley engage with your staff.


Episode 2 (9:49 min)

In this episode we discuss the effect of the "over managed, under-led" phenomenon, its detrimental effect on engagement and the discrepancy between what science knows/shows and what business does.

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The challenge

Village needed to formulate their corporate strategy and create understanding and buy-in among their employees at operational level.

How we solved it

After a number of strategy workshops among the leadership team – the key principles and philosophies as well as the operational imperatives were conceptualised as a set of Visual Strategy Maps per operation. These helped employees understand the big picture and gain a sense of ownership and involvement in executing their part of the strategy.

map tau lekoa v2

“Simplicity is what we wanted. And that is what was achieved through this process and the development of the Visual Strategy Maps. They make recall very easy as a picture is painted in one’s mind as opposed to several paragraphs of text”.


Dalu Ncube, COO, Village Main Reef.

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