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Tracey talks about leadership on Business Day TV

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Episode 1 (9:48 min)

In this episode we discuss how, as a leader, you can effectivley engage with your staff.


Episode 2 (9:49 min)

In this episode we discuss the effect of the "over managed, under-led" phenomenon, its detrimental effect on engagement and the discrepancy between what science knows/shows and what business does.

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The Challenge

The leadership team needed to create alignment and buy-in among senior management and employees to their strategic direction following a corporate transaction.

How we solved it?

Through a set of honest, no-holds-barred strategic conversations among key stakeholders THINKspiration  enabled the different role players to see their common cause, voice their concerns and fears and having done this clearly articulate their ‘dream’ future. 

Pan Africa

“This was a key turning point for us a company. From this conversation on we moved forward as one team, with one dream! The share price tells the story better than I can”.


Jan Nelson, CEO Pan African Resources 2008-2013

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