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Tracey talks about leadership on Business Day TV

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Episode 1 (9:48 min)

In this episode we discuss how, as a leader, you can effectivley engage with your staff.


Episode 2 (9:49 min)

In this episode we discuss the effect of the "over managed, under-led" phenomenon, its detrimental effect on engagement and the discrepancy between what science knows/shows and what business does.

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The challenge

Following a major merger, management required a brand new, strategy and story that unified and created a sense of belonging among all employees.

How we solved it

By actively engaging with management and employees to determine common values and expectations, THINKspiration successfully facilitated the development of the new values, identity and culture.

Using innovative tools like the Visual Strategy Map ensured that every employee had a clear picture of the new company, it’s  purpose, destination and route.

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“This is the best process for strategy communication I have ever used. THINKspiration’s strategic approach is embedded in all that they do and distinguishes them from any other offering available”.


Derick Kruger, CEO, BedRock Mining Support.

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