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The challenge

In the context of a large mining organisation in rural Africa, speaking a language that was unfamiliar and unknown to management, Metorex needed to  communicate their  change message effectively and efficiently so that employees (of different languages and cultures) understood it and could execute it.

How we solved it

By simplifying  complex and often abstract concepts and creating visual tools and maps THINKspiration enabled line management to create shared meaning and understanding of their journey so far, where they needed to go, and most importantly how to get there.

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“I was able to use the picture to tell the story that needed to be told. It did not matter that I could not speak French nor Spanish nor Portuguese as the picture told the story for me. Using a soccer analogy, my audience of over 1000 staff got the message of how far the business had come since a dusty exploration site to one mining over 50k tons of Copper. The Ruashi Visual Strategy Map became the tool by which I could introduce measurement and metrics; the vehicle for me to communicate progress and what needed to change. In essence, it helped become part of our vocabulary. It became the platform from which we could “get the message across”.


Garrath Rosslee, Change Management Consultant, Metorex


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